UDF 23 is over. Thank you!

A jazzling fresh swing dance and art festival

27 – 31 December 2023

Upside Down will throw again a cozy winter edition of the festival in Ghent, Belgium:

A swing music & dance festival where we welcome a variety of other art forms and offer multiple perspectives on creating a sustainable community in which everyone can thrive.

We focus on vernacular jazz, lindy hop, tap dance and other African American jazz dance forms.

As guests in these Black music and dance cultures, we appreciate and celebrate its creativity, sense of community, and freedom of expression.

Expect the unexpected with our magic formula of great live music, original workshops, creative content and top-notch inspirers.

A festival experience that will turn your mind, body and world upside down!

UDF23 overall schedule

Rise up and shine

Upside Down is so much more than a festival.

✨ it empowers people to speak up about what they stand for

✨ it offers a unique artistic voice and many out-of-the box activities

✨ it centres around values of inclusivity, community and sustainability. Cultural appreciation and respect for the African-American cultural are at the core of the festival.

✨ it’s kind of weird. You’ll see.

✨ it questions everything!

We want to create a nourishing space in which we can all grow, rise up and shine.

And of course dance your asses off to amazing live music while shouting, crying, hugging and loving!

What is new this edition?

💡We’ve invited some elders to be inspired by

🎶 We’ve reshaken our afternoon program with an extended Jazz Cafe

👞 There’s a Tap Track for the first time

A glimpse of the previous editions