Upside Down Festival in a nutshell

We’re 🥜🥜🥜about our vision

Upside Down Festival is a swing music & dance festival where we welcome a variety of other art forms and offer multiple perspectives on creating a sustainable community in which everyone can thrive.

We focus on vernacular jazz, lindy hop, tap dance and other African American jazz dance forms.

As guests in these Black music and dance cultures, we appreciate and celebrate its creativity, sense of community, and freedom of expression.

We offer a layered program that is value-based: respect for the African American culture, sustainabilty, inclusion & diversity, and connection.

This year marks the 6th edition of Upside Down Festival! Together with the festival, we have grown and keep on growing.

Explore our mission, program and values below. 


Upside Down is so much more than a festival


✨ it empowers people to speak up about what they stand for

✨ it offers a unique artistic voice and many out-of-the box activities

✨ it centres around values of inclusivity, community and sustainability. Cultural appreciation and respect for the African-American cultural are at the core of the festival.

✨ it’s kind of weird. You’ll see.

✨ it questions everything

And of course dance your asses off to amazing live music while shouting, crying, hugging and loving!

How the festival works

Explore the possibilities

Because the Upside Down concept is a bit different than what you are used to, it is not easy to understand.

We have lots of activities going on (Yes, the FOMO is real, but have you heard about JOMO, Joy of Missing Out?) and the structure can be complex.

This year, we introduce two “basic” passes – the festival pass and the afternoon pass – which you can add tracks and pick ‘n’ mix hours to.

UDF - choose your adventure festival pass
UDF choose your adventure afternoon pass

If you like what you see, we encourage you to click through to the program page.

There, you will find more info about what’s included in your pass, which tracks you can add, and what pick ‘n’ mix is all about.

But telling you about the ins and outs of the program, is still scratching the surface.

Upside Down Festival is a value-driven, community-centered experience.

Care to dig deeper into the heart and soul of UDF?

The Upside Down Values

Because we care and hope you do, too

Respect for the African American culture

Peg Leg bates UDF 23

Meet Peg Leg Bates, our inspiration for Upside Down Festival 2023! Clayton “Peg Leg” Bates was an African-American tap dancer with a wooden leg. His story and legacy will feature prominently throughout the festival.

Sustainability in all its aspects

social & sustainable fund UDF 23

Our international dance scene is a wonderful place to enjoy life and express ourselves through dance. And we can make it better!

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

UDF23 concept rise up and shine

Upside Down Festival welcomes all bodies. We want to contribute to a more inclusive swing dance and music scene.

We are all about people. Check out this video below.