You can choose to join us for dinner, close to the party venue. You won’t have to worry about finding restaurants in Ghent and we offer dinner value for money. And above all, you’ll have the opportunity to chat and hang out with your (new) dancing friends.

Dinner will be open every night between 18:00 and 20:45  (kitchen closes at 21:00).

Location is Illie Mangaro, Dok Noord 7.

What’s for dinner?

Dinner consists of a hot meal with salads and toppings, plus a soup. Water is included.

The food is plant-based, freshly harvested, local and organic. The menu is is build around vegetables, freshly harvested by the chefs and coming form an organic farm near Ghent. All other products are organic and come from as close by as possible.

The menu

Wednesday Dec 27th

Smoky chili sin carne
Rice and tortillas
Spicy caramelised carrots with cinnamon
Topped with sour cream
Various side dishes: veggies, crispy toppings & sauces

+ soup of the day

Thursday Dec 28th

Creamy pumpkin lasagna
Topped with crispy sourdough breadcrumbs
Roasted root vegetables with lemon thyme
A fresh green salad
Various side dishes: veggies, crispy toppings & sauces

+ soup of the day

Friday Dec 29th

“Gentse Stoverij”
Plant based version of one of the most famous and delicious dishes from Ghent
Oven-baked fries
Chicory salad
Caramelised apples
Various side dishes: veggies, crispy toppings & sauces

+ soup of the day

Saturday Dec 30th

Cauliflower curry
Creamy yellow cauliflower curry
Dahl, spicy naan bread & rice
Topped with beetroot chutney
Various side dishes: veggies, crispy toppings & sauces

+ soup of the day

Sunday Dec 31st

Celeriac shoarma
Fill your own freshly baked sourdough pita
With celariac shoarma, pumpkin wedges
and a loaded buffet with salads, veggies, sauces & cripsy toppings.

+ soup of the day

If you have specific allergies or dietary requirements, please mention this by sending an email to registration@upsidedownfestival.be

Who is cooking for us?

The dinner is prepared by De Keukentafel, a culinary farm with a pop up summer restaurant and catering business. Sisters Anna and Jozefien grow their own vegetables to prepare in the kitchen.

With their concept, they want to limit their ecological footprint and have a positive impact on the climate. Apart from organic and local produce, they use circular materials, solar energy and their own water filtering system. They also strive to reduce waste by reusing and composting as much as possible.

In other words, De Keukentafel embodies the Upside Down Festival values, a match made in heaven!


€95 for 5 dinners – to book as a price deal in advance.

€22 for a single meal – to book in advance.

If this sounds expensive compared to what you usually spend on food, please realize that these prices are actually on the lower side for Belgium and for the quality we offer. We have invested to provide an option that is still within budget. If you go to any other place around the site, prices will be higher: a plate usually costs around €20 – 25 in Belgian restaurants, not including the soup, salads, side dishes and toppings that are on the menu above. Also, tap water is included in the price (unfortunately not always the case in Belgium). 

How to book dinner?

You can now add this option to your pass or ticket. Go to the registration page for the link.

You can select either the full 5 meals package, or purchase a number of dinners of choice.

Attention: we have limited places!