A festival doesn’t happen just by itself. The Upside Down Festival crew needs a lot of helping hands during the festival to get everything running!

We’re searching for plenty of volunteers, as well as 10 supervolunteers (though currently we have more sign-ups than we will need for this). Have a look what suits you best. Any help is very much appreciated!



There will be volunteering shifts of 1h30 available during the festival. For each shift you get our big gratitude and drink tickets.

We will send you an email later with options to sign up for volunteering slots.


You would like to be part of the team of Upside Down during the festival? Wonderful!

Every year we work with a small team of around 10 supervolunteers that join us, the main organization team, in the beauty behind organizing the Upside Down Festival.

This means working when others are taking classes or partying, but also a lot of fun, inspiration, teamwork, and excitement!

And yes, there will still be time for dancing, music and joining some upside-down activities!


As a supervolunteer, you will be involved for an average of 4h every day.

You are present from 26/12 to 01/01. You are part of the the build-up and breakdown.


During the festival, you have a core supervolunteering job:

  • We will assign these jobs before the festival, and make sure that everyone is happy with the job they get.
  • For example, one supervolunteering job is to co-manage the bar during the party, and another is to hold the 2nd hand shop in the afternoon. These involve doing some tasks yourself, and sometimes also easing the shift volunteers into their tasks.
  • Depending on the intensity and the workload of the job, you will be asked to jump in for other tasks on the fly.


Our thank-you for your super help:

  • You’ll be part of an amazing team and experience the festival as an insider.
  • Lots of love and appreciation!
  • Food & drinks during your shifts.
  • We can organise hosting for you if needed.
  • You can join the whole festival for 65€. That includes everything: parties, classes and extra activities. But because you will be very busy during the day or night (depending on what you prefer), you will miss out on some festival experience.
  • We will do our best to facilitate your festival so that you can have the best supervolunteering experience.


We currently have more supervolunteer sign-ups than we will need, so there are no more spots open.

If you want to be on the waiting list in case a spot opens up later, you can fill in this form to let us know.

Filling the supervolunteer form doesn’t grant you entrance to the festival. As we have limited spots for supervolunteers, we may not be able to offer a spot to everyone who shows interest.

Make sure you also register through the regular registration form to join the raffle in case a supervolunteer spot is not available for you.

If we confirm you as a supervolunteer, your spot at the festival is guaranteed.


Feel free to reach out to volunteers@upsidedownfestival.be for questions related to volunteering.