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UDF general timing schedule

Sharing inspiration and new ideas, a dance and a chat, a drink and snack, moments to get surprised and to be turned upside down…

The Upside Down Festival has so much to offer! Read through our program and feel what resonates with you

Either you go for the “basic” festival pass on December 27th – 31st (which is far from basic, we’d say) or you take the afternoon pass for December 28th – 30th. Both passes can be topped with a track and/or Pick ‘n’ Mix activities to your liking.

The Festival takes place in Ghent, Belgium, and is open to all bodies. Do you have any questions or doubts whether your pass, track or activities are really for you? Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will find out together.

P.S. a more detailed timetable can be found at the bottom of this page.

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The Upside Down Tracks

Are you a tap dancer, a (total) beginner or an engaged swing dancer looking to deconstruct and reconstruct all that jazz? Then we highly recommend you to sign up for a track! Each track offers a well-crafted program of classes for those who are hungry for more movement. You will make progress within the same group over the course of 3 festival days. Check out a 2023 novelty – the tap track!

UDF 23 _ total beginners track

An intensive track to move from scratch to catch, for everyone who has never danced Lindy Hop before. We’ll get you ready to party, by immersing you in the world of swing dance, music, and its culture. Everything is possible when you go Upside Down!

UDF 23 rising stars

If you have been dancing Lindy Hop for 6 to 18 months, you are a rising star! This intensive track will launch you fully into the magical universe of Swing. Confidence boost included! So you can shine during the evening parties.

UDF jazz addicts track

We’ll challenge ourselves to deconstruct & reconstruct jazz and swing dancing. What is being an authentic jazz dancer mean? What is free and unconventional? How do we act responsible towards the Black African American roots and context? This track requires a maturity in attitude, not in dance experience.

UDF23 tap track

This brand new track invites all tap dancers of intermediate and advanced level to rise up and shine! With top-notch international inspirers, you will be in tap heaven for 3 glorious mornings.

How about some…

Pick ‘n’ Mix Activities

You want even more? Or you did not find what you need in our tracks? We have a Pick ‘n’ Mix menu of over 35 mind-blowing activities for all tastes and shapes. Your insatiable soul will rejoice! These delicious daily events are grouped in different topics from which you can mix your most exquisite cocktail.

You can buy a number of Pick ‘n’ Mix hours on top of your festival or afternoon pass, as fits your energy level, interest and capacity at the festival. Activities are 1 or 2 hours and take place on December 28th, 29th and 30th. A different class each day keeps a doctor away!

The description below are examples of what the activities could be. The full menu will be revealed later. You buy a number of Pick ‘n’ Mix hours when registering and decide on your activities at the festival.

body and soul

physical and/or relaxing sessions e.g. yoga, art therapy, bootcamp, massage… Multiple activities per day.

swing expansion

deepen and widen your jazz and swing dancing by exploring specific topics. Mostly open level. Multiple classes per day.

arts discovery

artistic stimulation that will impact your dancing e.g. painting, singing, improvisation… Multiple activities per day.

topical talks

thought-provoking panel talks and lectures on inclusivity, respect for Black culture and sustainability. 1 talk per day.

ghent exploration

afternoon activities to get to know the beautiful city of Ghent and its wonderful people e.g. guided tour, nature walk, vintage shopping… 1 activity per day.

Everything that’s happening at Upside Down Festival

Yes, there’s loads of activities!

UDF 23 detailed timetable

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