Jazz Addicts track

We’ll be exploring the thrilling fun or absolute challenge of deconstructing and reconstructing jazz and swing dancing. What is being an authentic jazz dancer? What is free and unconventional? And where do we take responsibility for jazz dance qualities and Black African American roots and context? Let’s rock this.

In the Jazz Addicts track you will have 6 hours of classes over 3 days in a small group with great international inspirers. They will boost your dancing spirit with out-of-the-box suggestions and reinforce your feeling for the African-American culture. This track requires a maturity in attitude, not in dance experience.

UDF jazz addicts track schedule

Alexia Legoueix (she/her)

Briana Ashley Stuart (she/her)

Sep Vermeersch (he/him)

Skip Cunningham (he/him)

Meet your inspirers

More than just my job, teaching is Alexia’s passion. She’s been dancing Lindy Hop since 2005, and has founded her own school in the beautiful city of Paris. She’s always exploring how to teach her concepts and values, working hard to respect the original black African American culture, in which she considers herself a lucky guest. Individual responsibility in the partnership, self-expression, inspiration drawn from music are some go-to topics that she will teach in many different ways. Don’t expect her to micromanage your dancing, cause she won’t! Instead, she will help the students find their own way to move – by themselves and with a partner – in the (let’s hope) spirit of jazz. She’ll shake you in a pleasant and caring way.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Briana Ashley Stuart is a performing artist, dancer, choreographer and dance entrepreneur. She received her BFA in Dance & Sociology from the University of Michigan and has since worked internationally as an independent artist as well as with a number of companies and artists, notably, StepAfrika!, SJEwing & Dancers, ZIKIT, 4Hoogkindertheater, & Gorges Ocloo. She has also been featured in Together Magazine, BRUZZ, Le Soir, & BX1 Media.

In her work, she is interested in interaction with audiences, philosophy, and investigating how the history and culture of art forms are directly related to the human condition and free expression. She recently premiered her latest work called Moving Meditations, a multidisciplinary work about healing at KVS Brussels on March 25, 2023 that was the first step in her research in percussive dance as well as movement and sound in space.

Sep Vermeersch is a unique and committed creative. He’s a passionate jazz, blues & swing dancer and aspiring expert in the matter. When teaching he prefers holding space as a facilitator. It’s all about the ‘jazz’ process: historical context, personal development and expressing your own style while trying to appreciate these African American art forms as a guest.

He knows how to handle the Dj Booth mixing for dancing crowds or to hold a microphone when supporting events as a sensuous MC. Sep also shapes and organizes events and festivals such as Upside Down Festival, Big City Blues or LouisLou’s Dance Madness.

The combination of his educational background, playful attitude and daily practice make him a unique person to collaborate with. His curiosity for the deep ways of jazz, humanity and his successful performances in the sector make him a welcomed guest in various projects around the globe.

Skip Cunningham

We are SUPER excited to welcome the legendary entertainer, tap dancer & singer Skip Cunningham! Skip is regarded as one of America’s most talented entertainers and the last great “song and dance man”. 

He has been performing on Broadway and in nightclubs, appeared in shows for tv and in films, traveled the world and recorded multiple albums. Skip was born in 1936 in Chicago and has been tap dancing since the age of 5, performing from the age of 10. He has won tons of contests as a tap dancer, singer and Jitterbug, and has been awarded three times. Throughout his career, Skip worked with famous jazz artists such as Noble Sissle, Tony Bennett, Ray Brown, Arnett Cobb, Nat King Cole, Bill Cosby, Lionel Hampton, Milt Hinton, Illinois Jacquet and Frank Sinatra. 

Skip, now 87, is looking forward to visiting us at the Upside Down Festival to teach in the Tap track and Jazz addicts track. He will also inspire you in some Pick ‘n’ Mix workshops and will be featured in the daily Shake and topical talk. And of course… he’ll perform for us!

Dok Noord, specific location and room yet TBA

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